The production of hand-tufted and handcrafted rugs made of wool, silk, and other synthetic material is as good as an organized industry (even though they are very much operational as part of a cottage sector). There are quite a few bigger names (brands) as well that turn out very high-quality rugs and carpets too.

Both the cottage industry as well as the more organized sectors between themselves, manage to flood the marketplace with enough wool rugs and carpets to last a lifetime. To find out the best handmade wool carpet, you can visit

If anything, the concern is of having too much of a good thing. The average customer will find it that much difficult to pick and choose from this huge pile (it is likely to be piles and piles) of rugs and carpets.

Wool rugs are naturally the more preferred category as they extend the required durability, finesse, and warmth to the surroundings where they are used. Hand-tufted rugs made of high-quality wool are a big rage not only in the domestic Indian market but outside of the country as well. 

While wool rugs, and for that matter carpets are now being produced in most parts of the country, it is the sheer ethnic and international quality of the products that come from the Mirzapur-Bhadohi region that are much sought after.

Today, there are several online players who conduct online retailing of wool rugs, carpets, etc., and do a great business of it.