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There is no better justification for Arcadia project than to make real money for investors. Through the cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Blockchain technology has a connection with traditional currencies (FIAT), so why Blockchain exchange platforms shouldn’t be equivalent to such markets as TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange), NYSE or LSE? Money that will be effectively invested in real estate will bring huge profits.

Arcadia is the experience based project, dealing with the great niche on the market.


There are many projects related to the real estate market in Blockchain technology. There are projects involved in the construction or rental platforms and many others. However, there is no company created thanks to investors from Blockchain which buys, renovates and sells high-quality historical properties. So the definition of Arcadia is: the project aims to create a company dealing with the renovation and sale of historical buildings. The company will be created with the support of investors from Blockchain technology and only for them. The company through its activity, is to bring real profits to investors.


Find out more in our WHITEPAPER or watch the video with WHITEPAPER SUMMARY

Democracy Arcadia Ico


Arcadia investors get maximum ROI, all together.

Secure Arcadia Ico


Blockchain cannot be hacked, plus the real person is behind this project. Funds are fully safe.

Voting Arcadia Ico


Arcadia investors have a real impact in the Arcadia operations. Special data room is available only for the token holders.

Profits Arcadia-Ico


In addition to tokens, each investor will receive a dividend after each completed project.

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Questions & Answers

1. Why is the Arcadia project divided into two stages (PRE ICO and ICO)?

Arcadia at the current stage is a project, not a company, therefore the PRE ICO should be used to raise funds for establish a company and ICO campaigns.

2. How can I be sure that my money will not be stolen?

Behind the project there is a real man who can be checked at any time. LinkedIn
When creating and implementing the Arcadia project, special attention was paid to the security of collected funds.

3. What is the certainty that the idea will bring profits?

Arcadia is a project based on experience and very thorough analysis. By investing in the historical properties the profit is guaranteed.

4. What can I do to buy Arcadia tokens?

All you need to do is register in the project website and send ETH to the address provided after logging in. Access to the Arcadia project is as easy as possible.

5. Is there any minimum investment?

The minimum purchase of tokens is 0.01ETH what means 1 token.

6. What profits will I get by investing in the project?

The Arcadia project is very transparent and honest. The investor will receive:

a) Tokens whose value will increase significantly as soon as the project starts.

b) Dividends from completed real estate projects.

7. Will I receive shares in the company in exchange for Arcadia tokens?

NO, this is illegal. Arcadia tokens are not shares in the company. Arcadia works only in accordance with the law.

8. If the Arcadia project comes into effect, will I influence Arcadia?

YES, everyone who will purchase Arcadia tokens will have access to a special Data Room, where detailed insight into the finances and the right to submit comments, ideas and votes will be provided.