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Interview with Arcadia CEO Artur Dudziak on his company Arcadia

Q. Tell us a little bit about you and what made you launch Arcadia?
I have acquired more than fifteen years’ experience working as a civil engineer and manager. So far, I have completed multiple construction projects, and I’ve been building companies in the Polish market from scratch. One project I managed I realized was very special. This was a historic home restauration. (I wrote about this project in WP). This project contributed to the discovery of the huge niche that is in the Polish real estate market and caused me to start preparations for Arcadia ICO. The research into the discovered niche showed me the opportunity to earn large ROI is very real, the profits that we can earn on it are so large that the Arcadia project had to be born.

Q. So why the ICO and not the venture capital route?
The real estate market is one of the most secure investments. Many companies operate on it as venture capital, or private equity. For many years I have been interested in blockchain technology and I am a faithful fan. I like transparency, democracy and decentralization. So when I decided to create the Arcadia project, I did even not think about the traditional way of raising capital like old-fashioned banks or venture capital for a moment. I wanted to create a project that will provide real estate profits only to blockchain investors.

Q. What exchanges do you hope to launch Arcadia on to?
We want to have at least 3 exchange platformS. It would be TBC, COBINHOOD,
ETHERDELTA, and the negotiations with another 2 are still on.

Q. During the ICO can I get a referral bonus if I bring in new purchases to the project?
Definitely. You can get the referral bonus of 10% of every purchaser who uses your referral link.

Q. Will there be an air drop?
Yes – more details please.

Q. Will there be a bounty?
Yes – more details please.

Q. If I choose to sell my tokens halfway through the year how will profits then be passed over?
Arcadia is a very transparent project. At any time, you can check the statuses of implemented investments and predict the moment of dividend payment. The share in profits will be paid to current tokens holders, so if someone really want to sell Arcoin, the best moment will be immediately after the payment of dividends.

Q. Where do you see Arcadia being in five years time?
This is a very important question. Arcadia is a very ambitious project. We assume an average increase in income of 30-35% per annum, which is above average. With such a fast growth rate in five years Arcadia will be a large development company operating within the nationwide range. In five years’ time, we should be able to implement over 30 projects a year. The niche in which we operate is so large that we do not run out of new projects. Applying the principle of risk diversification, perhaps in the future we will undertake larger projects than our niche assumes. This is the future. Now we are doing everything to make our ambitious project take off.

Q. Can you see Arcadia expanding into other countries?
Our geographical location favors the business that Arcadia does. In this part of the world there are still many historic buildings that require and will require restorations for the next several decades. Filling the market niche slowly, in a few years we will be able to undertake projects in other countries, going eastward to countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus, as well as towards the south, ie Czechia, Slovakia and beyond.

Q. As Arcadia grows can you see the type of projects you will undertake changing direction?
We have discussed this topic many times. Currently, we are focussed only on the large niche that is on the market and the nearest several dozens of projects will be devoted to filling it up slowly. I also do not exclude that in a few years we will try to renovate larger facilities when dividing operational risk than now, I’m thinking about historical buildings with over 1000m2.

Q. If you have a lot of properties that don’t sell and turn out to be rental properties how you divide the dividends to your token holders?
Demand for buildings and apartments is huge. Each of us wants to have a roof over our heads. It is estimated that there are still about 1 million apartments missing on the Polish market. So we have a job guaranteed for many years. However, if it happens that for some reason we will not be able to sell the whole building or every apartment in A restored building quickly, we will share the profits from renting just like profits from the sale of the building. So we will sum up the rental proceeds for the entire rental period and divide 55% of this amount between token holders.

Q. How will the value of the tokens increase in value as time goes on?
This path is very predictable. The value of tokens increases when investors and market observers become convinced that the project follows exactly the roadmap. In the case of Arcadia there will be several milestones where the value of tokens will increase quickly. The first moment will be successful Pre ICO. Then ICO and the introduction of tokens on exchange platforms. When we start to implement the first project there will be another increase, and the real boom will be seen at the time of payment of the first and subsequent share in profits.

Q. What happens if the tokens decrease in value, will this have an effect on the project being worked on?
This pessimistic scenario is virtually impossible. Arcadia is a project based on the real estate market, that is, tokens have proper coverage in real estate. If something like this happened by some very unlikely coincidence, it will not affect the ongoing projects. We should also remember that the value of tokens is one, while an important profit for investors is the share in profits from completed projects.

Q. When does the ICO end?
When we think about the finish of ICO, we usually end up selling tokens. This will take place according to the roadmap on 25/05/2018. We should remember, however, that a real adventure will start then! We will start to implement projects. Buy, restorate and sell it all the time for the next years. Buying tokens from Arcadia (Arcoin), investors will secure passive income for many years.

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** Disclaimer, this is not financial advice, this is for information only and to support you with your due dillegence. Please read the white paper to find out more.