California progressively has led the requirements of sexual harassment training mandated by the state for private sector entrepreneurs. Although some countries have the same sexual harassment training requirements for private sector entrepreneurs, the majority of the countries need such training only for employees in the government sector.

In California, every organization with more than 5 employees is required to provide sexual harassment training. Companies that are mandated by law can comply with sexual harassment training in California through

This article describes the basic requirements, application and documents needed, including problems such as current California requirements for sexual harassment training and HR roles in training.

Business case

Entrepreneurs must approach harassment prevention at work very carefully to reduce the risk of lawsuits, agency and penalty costs, and other impacts. Not only is training employees on sexual harassment in the workplace required by California employment law, but it is also arguably the first and foremost best practice in preventing legal risks associated with sexual harassment.

Compulsory training and related requirements

All employers who have employees in California must take the following actions against harassment, as described in the facts about the sexual harassment.

Prevent and stop harassment

Entrepreneurs must take all reasonable steps, such as policy assimilation and training, to prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring. Prohibitions should be included against sexual harassment; gender harassment; and harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding and related medical conditions, as well as harassment based on all other characteristics listed above and under the law.