Some of the most effective marketing activities are inexpensive and require little more than time to make them work for your business. Here are five low-cost marketing activities a small business can do to keep existing customers coming back while creating new ones:

1. Improving your website. 

Review your site from the perspective of a first time visitor. Can visitors quickly discern what your site is about and why they should do business with your company? Take about an hour to audit your website; Ultimately, you will reap great benefits for your business. 

2. Feed your customers and prospects a monthly email newsletter. 

Use "push" marketing through an email newsletter to stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Earn their interest by providing valuable information and promoting your products or services directly to potential buyers. You can also take help from email marketing providers for small business via

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3. Include your website address in all correspondence, especially business cards and emails. 

Add a tagline to emails below the signature block that promotes your business.

4. Create and distribute press releases. 

These can be simple one-page communications announcing new products or services offered by your company, your latest achievements, new employees, changes in management, new markets, discount programs, etc., basically anything of public interest.

5. Advertise weekly or monthly promotions on your website and in your newsletter to generate new sales and keep your customers coming back. 

If applicable, you can even get a unique website address pointing to a page on your website where the promotion is presented in detail along with possible online shopping options. You can also add this unique online address to brochures or small advertisements in your local newspaper or industry periodicals.