The advantages of CNC wood carving machines are truly infinite. A computer numerical controller router permits artisans and woodworkers to create complicated patterns, custom parts, or mass-produced designs from the comfort of their own workshops. But to get the most from your machine, it is important to be fully familiar with your machine.

By educating yourself regarding the various components and performance of this machine, you can ensure the proper functioning of the device, less waste, and much more useful life for your cutting tool. Here are the elements of Cnc wood carving machines.


1. Movable mattress vs movable gantry

There are basically two types of CNC machines, one with a movable bed/mattress and one with a movable gantry. Most machines resemble a desk, above which a cutting instrument is suspended. The tabletop of this machine is a mattress, the assembly that holds the cutting instrument above the mattress is known as the gantry. In all machines, the material, be it wood, metal or plastic is loaded onto the apparatus mattress. In the more common movable gantry device, the substance is static, whereas the gantry moves across different axes to reduce pre-sorted patterns.

2. Base and frame 

The base of the machine is also referred to as the X-axis framework. The X-Axis provides the system with its own stability, alongside the X-Axis or, in simpler terms, the right and left support a linear cutting motion. The Y-axis could be fully supported by the framework to provide greater stability when moving backward and forward.

3. Z-axis and gantry 

The gantry holds the cutting tool, and if it is movable, the material will move up and down to make shallow or deep cuts. This up and down linear movement is defined by the z-axis. 

4. Cutting tool

The most frequent type of cutting tool is an easy steel cutting piece, although there are several types of equipment currently being used, such as a high-pressure plasma or water torches that burn uniformly and correctly throughout the material. A spindle motor that retains a slight bend controls the cutting edge apparatus. It's necessary to have some means of heating the spindle motor and cutting the bit, or at least a means of venting heat, as rust is a common issue with these parts of the machine.