The magic mushroom is composed of glucan. These immune-enhancing substances, also known as Beta Glucan have been shown to have powerful anti-tumor effects. 

Although they don't directly cause an anti-tumor effect they can trigger the body's own anti-tumor response. The body produces a type of anti-tumor white cell called Natural Killer cells (NK) which makes it easy to determine the level of NK in the body.

In just 2-4 days, the magic mushroom is shown to increase blood NK cells by 300% in human subjects. To know more about magic mushrooms, you can have a peek here.

Although natural killer cells are most well-known for their ability to kill cancer cells before they develop into established ones, there is evidence that they also play a role in the control of infection in the initial stages of the body's immune response.

Two mushrooms can be combined for healthy living

Internationally, the healing properties of the mushroom found are well-known. People have experienced remarkable health and longevity. Many lived well into their 100s thanks to this mushroom. 

After several clinical trials, the mushrooms, cultivated, are combined to create a powerful super-hybrid mushroom liquid. This product has a 10-stage extraction process that captures all nutrients.

It is also combined with Japanese Sasa Bamboo (a powerful antioxidant) to provide a wealth of nutrients essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This pure gold is now available to all of us.