Local SEO drives 24 percent of Google search queries, with Bing and Yahoo taking slightly higher percentages in location-driven searches. 

Local SEO cannot be ignored and many companies are learning that they can garner huge results by tapping into local search. You can also look for the best local Dallas SEO company online.



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Customer reviews are fundamental to local search results, they heighten visibility and lend credibility to a company's search listings. 

Companies, of course, can gain positive feedback for good service and excellent products, but often those reviews do not make it to print. 

One of the best ways to build an army of positive reviewers for your company is to take a proactive stance and ask for them. 

Many people are more than happy to share their experiences with others and are quick to recommend a product or service that they like.

When sharing reviews that are entered by the company, make sure to include some identifying characteristics such as initials and geographic location. 

This practice is a great way to start new social profile listings and encourage others to leave their feedback.

Of course, the best way to harvest good reviews is to provide good service and high-quality products. While negative reviews do not have a strong impact on local SEO, they do hold a strong personal impact. 

Positive reviews greatly outweigh bad experiences, so serving your customers' needs and providing open lines of communication when problems arise is always a best practice.