When it comes to double glazing there are many different styles of the window that you can get. One of the most popular is the casement window. This is a window that has hinges on one side and can be set to open either inwards or outwards as required. You can also have this type of best double glazed soundproof windows with hinges fitted at the top, in which case it is called an awning window, or at the bottom when it is called a hopper.

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The casement window is a very simple unfussy style and one of the oldest styles. In fact, casement windows are probably still the most popular because their simple design makes them the least expensive.

You can also buy French casement windows where instead of having a single window opening, you have two. The sashes are attached to either side of the frame and the two windows meet in the middle when closed.

The advantage of French casement windows is that you can open one window or both as you choose. Traditionally, these windows had a mullion or pillar, in the center, at which the two windows would meet, but today this has been removed as it obstructs the view, and also the window can be used as a fire escape. The central pillar is now fixed on to the slave sash and is referred to as a flying mullion.

Sliding sash windows are a feature of many traditional properties and are either single-hung or double-hung. A single hung sash window has a fixed sash at the top, while the bottom sash slides up and down. In a double hung sash, both of the sashes slide up and down. Some modern sash windows do have a tilting option, but this is for ease of cleaning.