Peru's stunning Sacred Valley is carved by the waters of the Urubamba River, which makes its way through the Inca's historic capital of Cusco toward the Amazon Rainforest. The river offers a lot of good stretches for a raft which makes it a very popular excursion on an adventure tour in Peru.

Because of the fact that a lot of people travel toward Machu Picchu and Cusco, the Sacred Valley is becoming a frequent and well-known location for lots of travelers. It also provides numerous opportunities for thrill-seekers like whitewater rafting. If you want to plan a tour, first check the Cusco trek packages.

For those who love and would like to try the sport, there are many excursions that you can go on within Cusco's Sacred Valley that start out in Cusco. The duration of these tours could be as little as one day. This makes it a simple option to add to an excursion towards Machu Picchu, even if you're short of time.

The rafting trips within the Sacred Valley take you out on the Urubamba River. Although it's a full-day excursion that includes the time for travel and lunch, however, the rafting time typically takes about three hours. If you're choosing the section of the river you want to raft it is worth inquiring if the company also organizes tours towards Ollantaytambo and Pisac to look over the ruins on your way home to Cusco.