Root canal treatments are among the most dreaded dental procedures. When the dental decay is left untreated, then it progresses deep within the enamel and reaches the pulp tissue. A root canal is done in order to replace the contaminated pulp using a filling. The therapy is used to store the teeth that would otherwise have to be eliminated. 

The root canals of teeth contain nerves and blood vessels, which nourish the teeth supplying nutrients and oxygen. If the dental decay at the outer layers of their teeth is failed, it moves to the root canals, in which the nerves and blood vessels become inflamed and infected. You can know more about root canal treatment at


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The inflamed pulp tissue dies and is replaced with contaminated substances and pus. Hence root canal therapy is done in order to remove the infected pulp. When the infected pulp is removed, the nourishment for the enamel comes in the tissues surrounding the tooth. A factor that may damage teeth is the disease from the teeth reaching into the bottom of their roots.

The root canal process is also called endodontic therapy which is the main canal therapy that entails cleaning and sterilizing and eliminating the infected tissues. The process is performed by your dentist over at least two visits based upon the circumstance.  If the tooth has an infection, antibiotics are used 3-5 times to decrease the pain and disease. 

Local anesthesia is provided before therapy so the patient is comfortable. So, keep fantastic oral hygiene by regular brushing. With good maintenance, your tooth may last a lifetime.