Would you like to breed Dorper sheep, one of the fastest-growing breeds in the US and many other countries? There's a good reason why the Dorper breed is so popular.

Originally bred in the early 1940s, the Dorper sheep are a cross between a Dorset-horned ram and a Persian black spot sheep. Like many other crosses, Dorper focuses on the best traits of each race.

The Dorper sheep farm is a result of the development of the breed in South Africa. South African breeders began to develop new breeds and tried to compete with sheep exported from New Zealand. Buyers in the market were not impressed by the quality of exports. The result is a Dorper breed.

Dorper And White Dorper Sheep – What's The Difference?

At the start of the breed's development, disputes arose because some breeders believed that Dorpers should be white. Other breeders believe that the Schwarzkopf and Persian blackhead labels should become the standard for the breed.

Dorper sheep are strong and easy to breed. Due to their ability to adapt to extreme hot and cold weather, this breed requires very little. Leaving pasture for most of the year seems to be commonplace on most farms.

In addition to a good sheep fence, there should be some shelter. The built-in canopy offers wind and frost protection from rain and snow. All breeds of sheep need a source of fresh drinking water. This can be done through a tub that is refilled frequently or through a natural body with fresh water.