It is impossible to stress enough the importance of an exhaust system. It is an integrated system of pipes and devices that converts the terrible byproducts from internal combustion into something less harmful.

Many drivers are now able to choose from a wide range of techniques and methods to improve their manifold systems. This will ultimately increase power, sound, and overall engine performance. It is essential to have a quality manifold system. 

You can have a great truck no matter which system you choose. You should consider your preferences when considering upgrading or improving your exhaust. You can also get the best performance boost exhaust for your vehicle from

Horsepower is a function of exhaust flow. It doesn't really matter if the exhaust system is single or dual.


Dual pipes are preferred by some people for the car's sound. Dual pipes allow for easier hearing because they split the flow of gasses. This option is more analog and produces a distinct exhaust note.


Dual exhaust is not the best option for most people who want to replace their exhaust system. The system would need to be completely overhauled from the manifold down to the tailpipe.

Velocity and Torque

Dual exhaust systems are a great choice for speed and torque. They use 2 smaller pipes which can increase speed and output power.


A single exhaust system is possible for turbo diesel engines because they have one large channel.