Wood-plastic Composite (WPC) can be described as a form of material that blends thermoplastic with wood fibers to provide an extremely durable material for construction projects. 

It's an extremely versatile material that is able to serve many different uses including fencing, doors, windows, and decking, as well as flooring. You can also hire the best wood plastic composite decking services via online search.

Shubh Composites, Morbi - Manufacturer of WPC Deck Flooring and WPC Deck Tiles

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Let's examine some of the best characteristics of this material:


The ability to mix thermoplastic with wood fiber creates a highly water-resistant product. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications. It's particularly helpful for construction materials such as fencing and decking as well as tables and benches to be placed outdoors.


The durability and strength of this material ensure that it is able to stand against weather conditions and requires very little maintenance. It's less appealing to insects than 100% wood, which means it will require less effort to maintain. 

For an outdoor product such as wall cladding, it will maintain its appearance and appearance much longer than painted timber. Consequently, it can also cut down on maintenance tasks.

Long-term life span

Wood-plastic composite has a long lifespan. It is capable of enduring all weather conditions, such as sunny sunshine, strong winds, and rain. Its long-lasting life is a great option for fencing outdoors. The material will last much longer than timber-based fencing that will eventually fall apart after about 8 to 10 years.


The non-slip quality is what makes this product an excellent option for a variety of uses. It's a great alternative to building decking on the floor around an outdoor pool. It is also the same to deck your patio with regular.