Do you know someone who is afraid to go to the dentist? Maybe you are afraid. I really never thought how this fear would make someone go for an annual teeth examination until recently one of my friends told me and told me that he hadn't been to the dentist in more than ten years! We are committed to protecting your health and well-being and will provide you the best dental services.

I am not only surprised but also sad that a woman educated and professional fear is disabled in this way. After discussing this with him, I found that he had a real problem with his teeth and mouth and his husband was angry with him for leaving him for so long. He didn't need my judgment, he needed my help.

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I called the dentist and asked him to meet him and talk about his fear. He was very happy to spend time to discuss the process and procedures, as well as the type of care and several techniques that might help him relax. They are as simple as listening to music, watching TV, or using gas to calm him out during the procedure, or injection to induce sleep so he doesn't feel anything.

However, what is most emphasized, is the need to ensure that the latest dental examination is carried out from now on. Even though at first it was difficult, he managed to take care of his teeth and recover from the fear of the teeth. Since then he told me that if he had been years ago he would never lose teeth and would be in a much better condition.