Before you can repair your roof, you will need to make sure that you have fixed certain issues in your home. This will help protect your home from any debris or broken roofing pieces that could fall on your plants and other areas of the house.Before you begin the roof repair process, it is important to prepare your home and book roof repair services in Erie, PA.

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How do you prepare your house before repairing your roof?

Keep your gates opened – Your roofers will need to be able to move about during the repair process. You will need to open the gate each time your roofers go outside to do some work if the gate is not closed.

You may trim your grass. This will make it easy for roofers to remove any fallen debris once the work is done. The nails could also get stuck in dense grass, causing problems in the future. 

Clear your attic – You need to clear your attics so that fragile items stored there don't get damaged during roof replacement. These items can be moved to a safe location to prevent damage.

Protect your attic – Cover it with a tarp to keep dust from building up. It will make cleaning your attic more difficult if you leave it open.

Garage protection must be taken – You need to protect your garage, if it's built into your home. Protect your garage if the garage's roof needs to be replaced. A tarp can be used to protect valuables in your garage.

Protect your windows – Debris could fall on your windows and cause scratches. You should place wooden boards on your windows to protect them from debris and dust