It is a known fact that the more exposure customers get to the sales message of a brand, the more likely they will be to purchase products from that brand. Statistics reveal that customers need frequent reminders as many as seven times before they make the decision to buy something.

Given this and the fact that email is the preferred route for online marketing, investing in the right email management software is essential. Automatic mail management is the best solution to any public folders. You can easily find the best public folder replacement system via

Gone are the days when you only had one or two email management software to choose from. There are many providers out there today, each with their own pricing model and options that can make choosing the most suitable task difficult.

However, you need to make the right choice based on your unique needs. While it's possible to transfer mailing lists between services, the process can be difficult, not to mention losing subscribers along the way.

One of the main features to look for in any email management software system is to see if there is a feature for importing and exporting databases. In the import function, the system should allow you to import an existing customer list if you already have one.

In terms of the export function, the system should be able to export the customer list to help you back up the list or use it in conjunction with other applications.

Email management software should allow subscribers to subscribe or unsubscribe if they wish. These options should be provided online on the website and in email newsletters.